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Upside uses the power of CoreLogic APIs in this give-to-get lead generation tool that helps agents give the best service to their clients.
CoreLogic is the best source of both raw and pre-analyzed data and the experience for our customers and for us as a business has been amazing from day one.
Michal Kot, Chief Technology Officer, Upside


In Australia’s highly competitive real estate industry, real estate agencies are continuously seeking ways to give a better customer experience and set themselves apart from the competition. With their focus on using technology to increase business, Upside recognized an opportunity with our APIs to solve one of their biggest challenges: lead generation. Upside wanted a way to increase their value proposition to prospective customers that didn’t need a significant investment of their agents’ time.


Since launching this tool, Upside has had hundreds of people request an online CoreLogic estimate every day, many of which have led to long-term relationships with Upside.


We worked with Upside to create an industry-leading lead generation tool based on a give-to-get philosophy. Prospective property vendors simply give their property address and some basic contact information to book a free property appraisal. Our APIs take that information to give Upside agents with the necessary data about the property in question as well as comparable properties to help them create a more detailed and more precise property appraisal. It’s a win-win for both the property vendor and the Upside agent

Company profile

Upside is a relative newcomer to the Australia real estate world. Launched in August 2017, Upside is a fixed fee real estate agency that is changing the way that Australians buy and sell properties. With a heavy focus on technology to encourage efficiency, transparency and cost-savings throughout the process, Upside is proud to have sold over 280 properties in Sydney and Melbourne and to have saved their customers over $3 million.

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