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OneMap uses CoreLogic APIs to enhance their user experience through richer content and improved data accuracy and form completion processes.
The integration of CoreLogic’s products inside OneMap has made our offering significantly more powerful and compelling to our existing clients and prospects.
Mark Ellinghaus, Business & Marketing Manager, OneMap


To remain relevant in this industry, it’s not enough to give the information your users are asking for. You need to be constantly innovating to exceed your customers’ expectations in every way possible. OneMap had identified some core issues within their OneMap Application around data accuracy, form population and, content richness and engagement that they hoped to solve with our APIs. OneMap approached us with one request: create a solution that will solve these issues through the use of our integrated data within the OneMap Application.


Since the integration of our data within its platform, OneMap has had a 42% increase in new customer take-up and retained 92% of its existing clients. The rollout of our RP Data Professional and Cordell Connect integrated features inside OneMap has been pivotal to this success.


We worked with OneMap to decide on the functional requirements of the OneMap Application. This work resulted in a list of 24 items of required or desired functionality. Our team of solution consultants then designed and developed a solution that integrated with OneMap’s customer relationship management system and satisfied the main issues that were driving the project. The final solution relies on a significant number of our APIs, designed to work together to create a seamless, geospatial information experience for OneMap Application users.

Company profile

OneMap is a proudly Australian-born mapping and analytics platform tailored for the property and planning community. Widely regarded as the ultimate property research and due diligence platform for anyone in the property and planning industry, OneMap is powered by a large property database containing unique information for every single property in metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane, Geelong, Ballarat, Central Coast and Hunter Region - over 4.5 million properties. Together with CoreLogic, OneMap is making an enormous impact in the property and planning industry.

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