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Start using our APIs

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Access to the latest data

Regularly-updated property information and analytics in real time help you make better business decisions.

Easy to use

Full developer documentation and a benchmark structure make for faster and easier integration with your systems.

Information to suit you

Live data lets you customise your websites, apps, dashboards and reports in the way that is most relevant to you.

Detailed property information

Recent sales, for sale and for rent listings, photos, valuations, comparable sales and rentals are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Delivered over HTTP & returns JSON

Our APIs use the standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), are built on Representational State Transfer (REST) principles and support JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data-interchange format.

Secure OAuth 2.0 Protocol

Our APIs use the industry standard OAuth 2.0 protocol, which specifies a process that allows third party access without exposing credentials and other sensitive information, to ensure secure authentication and authorisation.

Uses RESTful open standards

Our RESTful APIs are based on open standards, so you can use any web development language to access the API, as well as develop applications for a variety of platforms, including web, desktop and mobile apps, based on either iOS or Android operating system.

Interactive documentation

Our APIs are concise, lightweight and optimised, so it’s quick and easy for you to write and test applications. We use interactive documentation via Swagger 2.0 to provide the information you need to quickly get your apps integrated with our API.

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