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Introducing CoreLogic APIs

Flexible, powerful, on-demand integration with CoreLogic's data and analytics

CoreLogic APIs

The CoreLogic APIs allow you to harness the power of CoreLogic's market-leading data and analytics in real-time to power your website, apps and software.

The CoreLogic APIs allow you to realise your business strategy by empowering you with the data and insights to drive informed decision-making via your own websites, apps and software, through your platforms and systems.

Designed for customers with technical expertise and capabilities, the CoreLogic APIs are RESTful web services that allow you to integrate directly with CoreLogic.

Raw Property Data
Property Information

Detailed property information including recent sales, for sale and for rent listings, photos, valuations, comparable sales, rentals and a timeline of property events.

Customisable Reports
Customisable Reports

Insightful property reports ready to go in a PDF format, with the ability to customise and style to suit your end-user's requirements and your branding.

Charts and Statistics
Charts & Statistics

Charts and the underlying data ready for inclusion in your reports, apps and/or websites.



Present configurable charts which can be styled to suit your end user needs and branding.

Market Trends

Visually display CoreLogic's Market Trends analytics including sale, listing, rental, valuation and property data.

Sale Data

Display sales volumes, median prices and changes, discounting and hold periods.

Listing Data

Display listing volumes and changes, and auction rates.

Valuation Data

Display median values and changes.

Census Data

Display a range of population and housing statistical breakdowns as provided by the latest census conducted by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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Property Monitor

Be notified when properties of interest are first listed or sold.

Monitor Management

Manage the details of the watchlists and the associated properties.

Notification Alerts

Fetch the alerts to trigger downstream workflows.

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Cordell Sum Sure

Providing insurance companies, home owners, home buyers and financial institutions the ability to quickly and easily calculate the cost to rebuild a house.

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On The Market

Access the full sales and rental advertisement history for a property.

Advertisement Listings

Obtain recent for sale or for rent advertisement descriptions or detail for a single advertisement.

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Owner Verification

Request CoreLogic to verify property ownership for a single individual and property via the API.

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Search for properties that are considered comparable to the target property.

Comparable Categories

Find comparable properties that have recently sold, are on the market for sale, or on the market for rent.

Customisable Logic

Save time using our default comparable logic, or use customised logic to suit your needs (fees apply).

Summary Statistics

Obtain summary statistics and detailed property information based on a target property or location - including comparable category rating, sales details and distance from target property.

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Update Data

Request CoreLogic to update data and digital assets for properties and retrieve the updated information back via the API.

Update Attributes

Request an update for a property's bedroom, bathroom, car space, land area, property type or address information.

Update Digital Assets

Provide updated property images or other digital assets to CoreLogic for a property.

Check status of an update

Easily query the status of an update request to see if it has been accepted, rejected or still pending.

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Auction Data

Get latest and historical auction clearance rates and property details.


School Data

Find the closest schools to a property, locate all schools in a suburb or postcode and discover what school catchment a property falls in.

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Disclaimers and Copyright Notices

Request CoreLogic Disclaimers and Copyright notices.

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Access CoreLogic's Market Trends analytics and offer insight on market characteristics and health by area.

Metric Data

Display metric data in tables or overlay with your own data to create a meaningful chart.

Customised Integration

Integrate data provided from the Charts for a fully customised integration approach.

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OAuth Token

Securely authenticate and authorise your application to

CoreLogic APIs via our OAuth 2.0 Access Token.

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Built on HTTP and returns JSON

Delivered over HTTP & returns JSON

CoreLogic APIs use the standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), are built on Representational State Transfer (REST) principles and supports JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data-interchange format.

Secure OAuth 2.0 Protocol

Secure OAuth 2.0 Protocol

To ensure secure authentication and authorisation, CoreLogic APIs implement the industry standard OAuth 2.0 protocol, which specifies a process that allows third party access without exposing credentials and other sensitive information.

Uses RESTful open standards

Uses RESTful open standards

Our RESTful APIs are based on open standards, so you can use any web development language to access the API, as well as develop applications for a variety of platforms, including web, desktop and mobile apps, based on either iOS or Android operating system.

Interactive documentation

Interactive documentation

CoreLogic APIs are concise, lightweight and optimized, so it’s quick and easy for you to write and test applications. We leverage interactive documentation via Swagger 2.0 to deliver the information you need to quickly get your apps integrated with our API.

Why Use CoreLogic APIs?

Improve engagement and insights

Using CoreLogic’s market leading data and analytics will ensure that the information you are delivering to your business and your customers is relevant, timely and of the highest quality. Our data assets span more than 40 years, we collate over 600 sources of data and have thousands of contributors, meaning that by using the CoreLogic APIs you have access to the most up-to-date and broad range of data and analytics available.


Enhance your existing assets and build on your infrastructure

Whether you are integrating to the CoreLogic APIs to add summary charts and statistics to your existing website that show sales for your local area, creating a new app that includes data-driven decisions and processing for your customers, or pulling information into your systems so your people can seamlessly have access to the latest and best property-related information as they do their jobs, integrating to CoreLogic via our CoreLogic APIs means that you can capitalise on your existing systems and processes.


World Class Integrators

The CoreLogic APIs are used by a wide range of users who are interested in property-driven data and insights. Our customers include real estate franchisors, utility providers, government departments, banking and finance professionals, and loan mortgage insurance professionals.

You’re in great company

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